About Us

How It All Began


Simple Simon’s Perfect Pies was established in the south of Scotland in 2005. This was where we made fabulous pies filled with the most exquisite recipes created from seasonal locally sourced ingredients. We promoted our “complete meal in a pie” which had mashed potato and delicious fillings heaped into puff pastry cases. The pies were then baked in the oven until crispy golden brown and sold to be reheated. Our pies were a great success as people were so busy and not everyone had time to make a meal, let alone time to sit down and enjoy food with others. And then the pandemic struck. People have been forced to change the way they live their lives and have re-evaluate their priorities. So we decided to respond to a changing market where people shop on line and eat at home more often.

And the result?

You can check our shop online to find 21 different bake at home options available as either an en croute, roulades, parcels, family pies or party bite size cocktail sausage rolls. Everything arrives frozen with a 12-month freezer life and can be baked whenever the fancy takes you or restrictions are lifted and people descend on you for an impromptu get-together!

Best be Prepared!