Nestled in the pastures of the Scottish Southern Uplands sits our restored 19th century farm building. Here, in our modern kitchens, Simple Simon (internationally trained Bernard Alessi) prepares and bakes his extraordinarily tasty, artificial additive-free pies. His secret is indeed simple. Only the finest, freshest, natural ingredients are used.
Behind Simple Simon's on the hill graze blackface sheep and Black Aberdeen Angus. Not only world-class meats such as these fill our pies, but also
locally reared meats, and Fresh Fish. And fresh herbs, too. For this we have featured in The Sunday Telegraph Magazine.

Now you can have these hand-crafted, raised puff-pastry pies, which make a meal for one hungry Horace or two light appetites, shipped directly to your door. You can have them heating in your oven within 48 hours of Simple Simon receiving your order. The wonderful, rich aromas that will fill your kitchen make the term 'mouth-watering' seem superfluous. Browse our extensive online menu and select which superb meat, fish, or vegetable pies you want.
Place your order on our easy-to-use, secure system, and set your table!
It's so simple.

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Additive and preservative FREE Locally Reared Meats Fresh Fish Hand Crafted Succulent Fillings Prepared to order